Hemorrhoids are those uninvited intruders that disrupt your peace and quiet. Hemorrhoids (rectal lumps) can be a literal pain in the ass. They occur, when the veins in the anal and rectal region become swollen or inflamed.

Many people would rather lament in silence; rather than consult a doctor. Most people only opt to consult after their condition deteriorates. Fear of embarrassment keeps many people from consulting.

There is really nothing to be ashamed about. Rectal lumps are pretty widespread. According to the WHO (world health organization) about 75% of the world’s population gets affected at least once.

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Hemorrhoids Home Care Remedy

Rectal lumps are like any other condition. Early diagnosis and treatment is necessary to prevent further deterioration. Unfortunately, many people delay treatment and consequently run the risk of having the condition escalate. Beyond a certain stage of maturity, surgical intervention becomes the only viable option.

You absolutely want to avoid a surgical intervention. Surgery is bad news.

If you are operated, there is a 30% chance that you will incur a medical complication. The most common medical complications that could result from surgery include: bleeding, chronic infections, urinary retention, fecal incontinence, mucosal ectropion, rectal prolapse and anal strictures.

Best Practices to Alleviate Hemorrhoids

A few lifestyle changes and alterations in your eating habits can greatly accelerate your recovery from rectal lumps (piles). First, you have to understand, what causes piles; in order to appreciate the curative measures that, you have to undertake.

Piles are caused by high intra-abdominal pressure.

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Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Constipation and diarrhea are the two most likely physiological conditions to cause high intra-abdominal pressure. Constipation causes infrequent, stool that is hard, stony and difficult to pass. Diarrhea causes frequent stool that is water and messy.

Regular exercise and good nutrition will stabilize your bowel movements.

Incidentally, the universal formula for developing lean and tight abs is regular exercise and good nutrition. Fat people are particularly vulnerable to contracting piles. Extra belly fat clogs circulation and impedes metabolism. Moreover, the weight of accumulated fat exerts pressure on the bowels.

Remember, high pressure on your bowels is precisely what, you intend to avoid. Therefore, you simply cannot be fat or overweight or obese.

Hemorrhoids Relief
Hemorrhoids Relief

Your primary goal should be to lose weight. Your second goal should be to develop a flat stomach. Intermittent sessions of intense cardio are the best exercises for weight lose. Bicycle crunches, power station crunches and Swiss ball crunches are the three most effective exercises for developing a flat tummy.

And then, there is your nutrition. Exercise without nutrition is like a bow without an arrow. You don’t stand a chance of hitting your flat-belly goal. You must absolutely alter your diet.

Gulp down oases of water. You should drink at least a liter of water per day. 75% of your body is made up of water. It is indispensable to smooth circulation and the efficient metabolism.

Increase your fiber intake. Fiber assists in the regulation of your cholesterol level, your blood sugar level and your metabolic rate. It also helps in flushing out residual fat.

Fruits and green vegetables are a great source of fiber. Both contain soluble and insoluble roughage. The best sources of soluble roughage include: oats, barley, peas and beans. The best sources of insoluble roughage include: cereals, wheat, rye and wheat bran.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids
How to Treat Hemorrhoids

One more thing that you can do to accelerate your recovery from piles is to take sitz baths, thrice daily. Sitz baths are also called hip baths. You can purchase a sitz bath from your local drugstore.

A sitz bath is a device that allows you to soak your hips in warm water. You can always convert your bathtub into a makeshift sitz bath. Just add the right amount of water; so that, you can soak your entire bum, when you sit in it.

Warm water is recommended for sitz baths,² but some people have reported that, they get a more soothing relief by alternating between warm and cold water. Simple tap water is sufficient; however, you can use additive such as Epsom salt or vinegar.

Treating Rectal Lumps
Treating Rectal Lumps

Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Venapro is the ultimate treatment of rectal lumps. The potent venapro formula is the only over-the-counter remedy with zero side-effects. Venapro is utterly risk-free because it is 100% organic.

Doctors recommend the venapro formula because it has a unique holistic approach to treating haemorrhoids. The meticulously concocted venapro blend attacks both the cause(s) and symptom(s) of the inflammation of your varicose veins.

The powerful venapro system contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that quickly reduce the swellings and alleviate the pain. In addition, venapro contains arnica. Arnica ensures a soothing and painless relief.

The highly acclaimed venapro formula guarantees proven health results. Order the advanced, FDA-certified venapro formula now and get rid of your hemorrhoids.

Relief from Hemorrhoid
Relief from Hemorrhoid