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We are currently enjoying the golden age of electronic cigarettes.

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In the West, e-cigarettes were only introduced in 2007. In spite of their relative novelty, sales have exploded exponentially.
The soaring consumer base for vapor cigarettes offer businesses a lucrative opportunity to make obscene profits.

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Vapor Cig – Nicole Mejia

True to the nature of for-profit businesses, they are swamping the e-cig industry in the same way blood thirsty vampires would swamp the last warm body.
This is good for consumers. Fierce competition among businesses is the best thing that consumers can ever desire because it pushes the prices downward.
There are currently more than 500different brands of personal vaporizers. They come in so many different hues that make rainbows pale in comparison.
E-cig companies offer so many different flavours that making a choice can be daunting.
You can have a wide range of fruit flavours such as watermelon, peach, mango, pineapple, sour cherry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, etc.
The available dessert flavours include cobblers, chocolates, cherry cordial, cinnamon roll and different candies.
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Best Electronic Cigarette

The flavours could also be beverages such as classic soda, cocktail flavours, margarita, etc.
The available menthol flavours include peppermint, apple breeze, peach breeze, java breeze and icy extreme of wintergreen.
Traditional cigarettes have only two flavours: tobacco and menthol.
With electronic cigarettes, you can even have an amazing range of cigar flavours. Imagine puffing away with the sensation on your tongue of Cuban cigars.
Thanks to the cut-throat competition among e-cig companies, electronic cigarettes have undergone mind-blowing innovation.

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Electronic Cigarette Liquid

In an incredibly short time span, three categories of e-cigs have been created: cigalikes, vape pens and APVs (advanced personal vaporizers).

The Future of Vaping

We risk losing all the advantages that free market competition has generated in the electronic cigarettes market.
There is an all-too-real danger that meddling politicians are going to ruin the fun for everyone.
We have seen the same pattern in countless industries before. Once upon a time, an ice cream cone only costed 2cents.
Then the politicians swapped in with piles of regulations and the prices soared to the astronomical levels, we see today.
Pay close attention to your health care bills. The Affordable Care Act is going to make them blast through the roof.

Electronic Vapor Cigarette

This is what sweet-talking politicians do. They grant prices a passenger seat on space shuttles.
Some politicians have even gone as far as to attempt an outright ban on electronic cigarettes. We are grateful, that their efforts have been to no avail.
Off course, politicians never give up. They are exploring all kinds of ways to tax the living ghosts out of personal vaporizers.
As if politicians were not causing enough harm already; other powerful lobbying groups are working to regulate personal vaporizers.
You’ll never guess, which groups are spearheading the campaign for stricter regulations on vapor cigarettes.

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The campaign for stricter regulations on e-cigs is being spearheaded by heart and lung health groups such as the American Lung Association, American Academy of Pediatrics and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
In a sane world, these groups would be advocating for less regulation.
Unfortunately, we live in a world, in which, different groups have conflicting interests.
We are sorry to blast your naïveté, if you think these health groups are interested in your health.
These heart and lung health groups are motivated by money. Every year, they get billions of dollars in grants and research funding from the government.
If the number of smoking-related deaths from lung cancer and heart attack dramatically drops, the funding for these groups will be cut.

Electronic Cigarette Brands

These health groups are fighting for the job security of their personnel. They will do everything in their disposal to get Congress to regulate the e-cigs industry.
As you can see, a future of continued innovation in the e-cigs industry is not so bright.
In addition, the prices are set to rise in the future. The future doesn’t seem so promising after all.
The good news is that electronic cigarettes are here to stay. No amount of political maneuvering will ever produce a prohibition-style ban.
Lay back and get one puffing. Order our premium selection of exquisite brands and enjoy the rich vapor.

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Deer Velvet Antler

Can deer velvet antler extract get your abs so ripped that, they can deflect arrows?

Yes, it can, if used as a nutritional supplement. No, it cannot, if used as a magic pill.

Deer velvet is a nutritional supplement. It is not a magic pill. This outrageous infatuation with magic pills has really gone out of kilter. The belief in miracle pills is preposterous.

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Deer Velvet Antler Supplements

Here is one concrete fact that, you can take to heart. There are no magic pills.

There is only one proven formula to developing a lean and toned stomach: good nutrition and regular exercise. This is not a new formula. Everybody already knows this formula.

Hence, the question: why are so many people falling short of their goals to achieve a flat stomach? If everyone has the right information, why are so many people failing to apply it?

People are falling short of their goals because they lack consistent self-discipline.

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Deer Antler Spray

Developing Consistent Self-discipline

Discipline is the ingredient that is lacking in the lives of the fat and obese. The obesity epidemic is really an epidemic of lack of discipline.

How is self-discipline cultivated? Everything begins with purpose. In this case, your purpose (goal) is to develop a tight set of 6-pack abs, so ripped that, they can deflect inter-continental ballistic missiles.

This technique can be used to develop the self-discipline to achieve any goal.

Once you have your goal (flat tummy), you must determine what daily activities will lead to the achievement of the goal. The daily activities that will guarantee you a flat stomach are cardio and abdominal exercises.

How do you get yourself to exercise every day? You have to set a cue. The most common cue is time. Set aside 1hour every day for your exercises. You must exercise every day at the same time.

 photo pic3DeerAntlerExtract_zps2e91eebf.jpg
Deer Antler Extract

Set your alarm clock to go off at a specific time. The time your alarm clock goes off, is the cue. Hit the gym, once your alarm goes off. No, f*cking excuses!

How can you ensure that, you will respond to your alarm clock going off? You can lock yourself into the righteous path by using the pre-commitment technique. Pre-commitment involves deciding in advance, how you will overcome the inflexion point.

The inflexion point is the point of weakness when, you decide to procrastinate. It is the point, in which, you make up a rationalization, in order to avoid the pain of effort. You have to design a technique to trick yourself into action.

After exercise, you have to give yourself a simple reward such as taking a shower.

These three steps are the essence of building self-discipline. For every discipline you cultivate, you need a cue, the routine and a reward. After 30days of disciplined action, your routine will become a quasi-automatic habit.

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Deer Antler Velvet Spray

Deer Velvet Antler Supplement

Deer antler has become the most popular nutrition in high performance sports.

Athletes are madly in love with the extract because it increases the oxygen-content of blood. It does this by increasing the quantity of red blood cells. Red blood cells are oxygen carriers.

The more red blood cells present in your bloodstream, the more oxygen, your blood can carry. This results in better oxidation. Consequently, athletes with high volumes of oxygen in their bloodstream have more endurance.

Deer antler contains the active agent IGF-1. IGF-1 stands for insulin-like growth factor-1. IGF-1 is a growth hormone that is naturally produced by the liver. It is composed of 72 amino acids.

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins. IGF-1 promotes protein synthesis. It stimulates rapid cell replication.

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Developing a flat stomach with Deer Velvet Antler

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used as a growth tonic for children and adults. Muscle builders use it to foster the construction of lean muscle mass.

It is also used in geriatric therapies in China. Geriatric therapy is centered around anti-aging medication. With age, the rate of tissue degradation gradually exceeds the rate of tissue renewal. Antler extract tremendously slows down the aging process by accelerating tissue renewal.

It is used to repair damage to muscle tissue. Bodybuilders routinely get injuries from excessive straining. The velvet extract speeds up tissue repair by stimulating rapid cell replication.

It is also a highly priced aphrodisiac. Besides Viagra, deer antler is the most powerful libido booster. Its advantage over Viagra is that, it is 100% natural. Say goodbye to weak erections. In a few weeks, your erections will become as hard as steel.

Velvet extract is matchless in the world of nutritional supplements. Order the highly recommended deer velvet antler supplements now and get a phenomenal blast.

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Deer Velvet Antler Supplements

Testosterone Pills

Testosterone is what makes a man a man. It follows that without the virilizing hormone, you become less than a man.

Testosterone levels are falling in the West. It follows that masculinity in the West is also falling. The implications are falling production and eventual economic, social and moral decline of the West.

The manhood hormone is responsible for the impetus to produce. Production is the domain of virile men. Consumption is the domain of the rest. Production in the West has plummeted. Consumption has exploded.

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Pro Testosterone Pills

The West is currently deluded by the allure of consumption-driven economic growth. The dire economic truth of the situation is that wealth acquired from past production is being recklessly squandered.

Consumption does not drive economic growth. Production does. Production comes before consumption. Nothing can be consumed; until, it has first been produced.

When the manhood hormone is squashed in any society, what you get is moral decadence, social malaise and an explosion in the entitlement mentality. This is the state of America in the early 21st century.

Before things get better, they will get worse in the West. They will be street protests. They will be, occupy this street or that space movements. Politicians will call in the experts and social technocrats to babble tons of meaningless baloney.

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How to Increase Testosterone Levels

There will be talk of debts, lost freedoms, economic incentives, this and that law, etc. While all these issues play a role in economic prosperity, the so-called experts will never identify the core problem.

High Performance is fueled by Testosterones

There are four units of production: land, capital, labour and the entrepreneur. No production occurs without combining some form of these four units. Labour and the entrepreneur involve the individual.

The motivation of the individual to produce is purely biological and it runs on testofuels.

This is a biological fact beyond the grasps of economic experts. The decline in T levels of Western men invariably leads to the decline in the motivation to produce.

Run any basic research on low T levels and you will discover that low testofuel results in loss of libido, loss of sex drive, loss of sexual desire, loss of motivation, loss of strength, loss of endurance, loss of hair, disruption of sleep, insomnia, sleep apnea, chronic tiredness, chronic fatigue syndrome, anemia, osteoporosis, accumulation of fat and obesity.

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Testosterone Injections

The manhood hormone is not just for hard erections and sex. It is the very force that drives life. It is the force that makes men act. Without it, men have zero motivation. They have no reason to lift the smallest finger.

We keep hearing of a low unemployment rate! What no one is talking about; is the millions of men who have silently decided to stop participating in the work force. This is a big deal. It is what happens, when a guy’s balls have been busted and drained.

There are many forces busting the balls of the contemporary Western man.

Researchers want us to believe that obesity and the decline of smoking are largely responsible for the falling testosterone levels. What a lame joke! What are these scientists suggesting? Before the mid 19th century, cigarettes were not popular. Are these scientists suggesting that pre-19th century men had low masculine hormones?

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Trying to blame it on obesity is even more ridiculous. An effect cannot be its own cause. Low virile hormones cause obesity and not the other way around. Women have far lower testosterone levels; that is why, they are more susceptible to getting fat.

There is only one plausible cause for the declining manhood hormones in Western men: out of control feminism.

When women can openly laugh and celebrate the mutilation of male genitalia on the mainstream media, then you know that the man-hating, man-bashing misandry machine has gone haywire.

And by the way, none of those women lost their jobs. Imagine that it was the other way around. The men would have been out of a job within 24 hours.

The balls of the Western man are under the hammer of misandry-on-steroids.

Getting Your Balls Back

Now that you are aware of the cause of the problem, the solution is pretty easy. Stay clear of ball-busting harridans. Date them! Have fun with them, but elope on the slightest display of bitch behavior.

Above all else, never marry! If you want to have kids, hire a surrogate mother for the gestation. Make sure that all the rights to the kid are signed over to you!

Supplement your training with pro testosterone pills. These pills are the best natural boosters. They are manufactured in the USA under strict FDA guidelines.

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Natural Testosterone Boosters

Athletes who use these pills are amazed by the awesome performance enhancing capabilities of the ingredients. Order the clinically acclaimed pro testosterone pills now and get a powerful energy boost.