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We are currently enjoying the golden age of electronic cigarettes.

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In the West, e-cigarettes were only introduced in 2007. In spite of their relative novelty, sales have exploded exponentially.
The soaring consumer base for vapor cigarettes offer businesses a lucrative opportunity to make obscene profits.

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True to the nature of for-profit businesses, they are swamping the e-cig industry in the same way blood thirsty vampires would swamp the last warm body.
This is good for consumers. Fierce competition among businesses is the best thing that consumers can ever desire because it pushes the prices downward.
There are currently more than 500different brands of personal vaporizers. They come in so many different hues that make rainbows pale in comparison.
E-cig companies offer so many different flavours that making a choice can be daunting.
You can have a wide range of fruit flavours such as watermelon, peach, mango, pineapple, sour cherry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, etc.
The available dessert flavours include cobblers, chocolates, cherry cordial, cinnamon roll and different candies.
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The flavours could also be beverages such as classic soda, cocktail flavours, margarita, etc.
The available menthol flavours include peppermint, apple breeze, peach breeze, java breeze and icy extreme of wintergreen.
Traditional cigarettes have only two flavours: tobacco and menthol.
With electronic cigarettes, you can even have an amazing range of cigar flavours. Imagine puffing away with the sensation on your tongue of Cuban cigars.
Thanks to the cut-throat competition among e-cig companies, electronic cigarettes have undergone mind-blowing innovation.

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Electronic Cigarette Liquid

In an incredibly short time span, three categories of e-cigs have been created: cigalikes, vape pens and APVs (advanced personal vaporizers).

The Future of Vaping

We risk losing all the advantages that free market competition has generated in the electronic cigarettes market.
There is an all-too-real danger that meddling politicians are going to ruin the fun for everyone.
We have seen the same pattern in countless industries before. Once upon a time, an ice cream cone only costed 2cents.
Then the politicians swapped in with piles of regulations and the prices soared to the astronomical levels, we see today.
Pay close attention to your health care bills. The Affordable Care Act is going to make them blast through the roof.

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This is what sweet-talking politicians do. They grant prices a passenger seat on space shuttles.
Some politicians have even gone as far as to attempt an outright ban on electronic cigarettes. We are grateful, that their efforts have been to no avail.
Off course, politicians never give up. They are exploring all kinds of ways to tax the living ghosts out of personal vaporizers.
As if politicians were not causing enough harm already; other powerful lobbying groups are working to regulate personal vaporizers.
You’ll never guess, which groups are spearheading the campaign for stricter regulations on vapor cigarettes.

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The campaign for stricter regulations on e-cigs is being spearheaded by heart and lung health groups such as the American Lung Association, American Academy of Pediatrics and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
In a sane world, these groups would be advocating for less regulation.
Unfortunately, we live in a world, in which, different groups have conflicting interests.
We are sorry to blast your naïveté, if you think these health groups are interested in your health.
These heart and lung health groups are motivated by money. Every year, they get billions of dollars in grants and research funding from the government.
If the number of smoking-related deaths from lung cancer and heart attack dramatically drops, the funding for these groups will be cut.

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These health groups are fighting for the job security of their personnel. They will do everything in their disposal to get Congress to regulate the e-cigs industry.
As you can see, a future of continued innovation in the e-cigs industry is not so bright.
In addition, the prices are set to rise in the future. The future doesn’t seem so promising after all.
The good news is that electronic cigarettes are here to stay. No amount of political maneuvering will ever produce a prohibition-style ban.
Lay back and get one puffing. Order our premium selection of exquisite brands and enjoy the rich vapor.

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